Lessons Taught by the Egyptian Youth

* Pessimism is the greatest sin one can commit against oneself and against the world.

Everything is imperfect in a way or another. But time perfects what is imperfect. Thus, everything is perfect in its imperfection!

* People lose the child within themselves when they lose the ability to dream.

* In their revolution, Egyptians taught the world that pure laughter is the weapon that stands in the face of any enemy and any fear.

* Hope is the nourishment of the oppressed and the water for the free.

* Freedom is the primary motive of life and the ultimate and smartest inducer of innovation.

* Despair is what blows out the flame of freedom, for despair is the only enemy of life and man, and it is the reason behind the dominance of injustice and the existence of poverty.

* Ahmed Fouad Nejm, the great Egyptian poet, said that the Egyptian youth taught the older generation that the main purpose of a revolution is living for freedom, not dying for it.

* Egyptian youth have proven to the whole world that achieving the popular will and self-determination is possible.

* One only needs to be human to be in favor of freedom.

* There is no single historical period that is more important than other periods. Each historical period contributes to the chain of the human history. However, there are historical periods that are more interesting than others ones, where people find themselves reassessing and reconsidering earlier historical periods, and redefining themselves according to this new historical interpretation.


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