Jalal ad-Din Rumi- I am not from this world

Why think thus O men of piety

I have returned to sobriety

I am neither a Moslem nor a Hindu

I am not Christian, Zoroastrian, nor Jew

I am neither of the West nor the East

Not of the ocean, nor an earthly beast

I am neither a natural wonder

Nor from the stars yonder

Neither flesh of dust, nor wind inspire

Nor water in veins, nor made of fire

I am neither an earthly carpet, nor gems terrestrial

Nor am I confined to Creation, nor the Throne Celestial

Not of ancient promises, nor of future prophecy

Not of hellish anguish, nor of paradisic ecstasy

Neither the progeny of Adam, nor Eve

Nor of the world of heavenly make-believe

My place is the no-place

My image is without face

Neither of body nor the soul

I am of the Divine Whole.

I eliminated duality with joyous laughter

Saw the unity of here and the hereafter

Unity is what I sing, unity is what I speak

Unity is what I know, unity is what I seek

Intoxicated from the chalice of Love

I have lost both worlds below and above

Sole destiny that comes to me

Licentious mendicity

In my whole life, even if once

Forgot His name even per chance

For that hour spent, for such moment

I’d give my life, and thus repent

Beloved Master, Shams-e Tabrizi

In this world with Love I’m so drunk

The path of Love isn’t easy

I am shipwrecked and must be sunk.



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