..They said, I thought

John Dunbar said:
”When I know who you are, I serve you. When I know who I am, I am you! ”
I thought:
When I serve you knowing who you are and when I am you knowing who I am: I serve myself when I serve you.

John Dunbar said:
“You never lose. You always win.”  
I thought:
We only lose when we think there is loss. 
Will Steel said:
“Life is meaningless”
I thought:
It does not mean anything that life does not mean anything.
Will Steel said:
“Our suffering is our meaning”
I thought:
We are imprisoned in our meaning. We are trapped in the false reflection of our words.
Will Steel said:
“Having an extraordinary life is about being unreasonable”
I thought:
Maturity is the realization that irrationality is what makes you live a full vivid life!

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