Why Do We Run?

While walking on the treadmill today, I recalled the scene of the Oscar winning movie, Forrest Gump, where Forrest’s girlfriend tells him: “Run. The sentence rang in my head as I was running. I started to think about the different reasons that make people run.
Forrest ran to escape his school bullies, his losses and his miseries. Then, I recalled young Ali in the great Iranian movie Children of Heaven who lost his sister’s shoes in his way back from the shoe-mender. Ali used to run over the entire city to take his sneakers from his sister whom he allowed to wear them to school.
Everyone has a reason to run in the speed required to reach a specific goal or escape a certain threat. We are all running in different speeds, different ways and towards different directions. The only difference is that some run to escape themselves and others run to find their true selves!
Those who run to escape themselves never succeed, but those who run to find themselves might do!



One thought on “Why Do We Run?

  1. I loved it. It reminded me of a children's story called the ginger bread man. In the story the ginger bread man repeats the very same phrase" run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the ginger bread man" do you think someone can catch you as you run, not knowing the direction, nor the intension??

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