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So we have all heard the Lebanese Mufti’s new fatwa about “legalizing” civil marriage. Quite a fiasco there…
Well for one, the Mufti has no respect from me personally after his endless scandal (that has yet to be resolved) stealing money from the Zakat and pampering himself and his sons (yes, remember last year’s fiasco, so much for straight, poise and religious authority to have the nerve show his face again on TV and actually criminalize people! pssh!). Now that we have the settled.

Ofcourse most politicians don’t share the same view (yes politicians, in Lebanon, a mufti, a pope, a politician, are mainly about … money and power).

Based on which I had a very interesting debate with a someone who seems to have taken the Qabbani’s words to heart very dearly and believed them, and here is my reply to civil marriage being “Haram”.
1. what is clearly…

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