Unleashing a Leashed World


This is a story of a black horse,

A black horse that was angry.

In fact, he was burning with anger!

He was angry since he was born and realized that he could not walk on two feet as his master does.

The black horse tried everything he could to walk on only two feet.

Whenever he failed, he got angrier and angrier!

He hated his parents because they did not walk on two feet,

And he hated them more because they could not make him walk on two feet.

He hated his master because he could not help him do anything about it!

Whenever he saw his master walking on two feet, he would remind him of his inability to walk on two feet..

The poor black horse decided to observe his master in order to figure out what made him able to walk on two feet.

He kept observing him for a long time and he finally thought he could imitate him.

He tried but failed!

He tried to lean on the wall to make it work.

Again, he failed!

He stood on a box, tried to reach the ceiling, messed up the stable, got rid of his horseshoes,

But he could not walk on two feet!

He got angrier and wilder!

He took refuge in the darkest corner of his stable.

He slept so long as if he forgot that the sun shines every morning to break darkness.

The black horse lost his fear of death because he is already dead!

One day, a new broken-legged horse came to the stable.

The broken-legged horse was happy!

And he would wait until his master leaves in order to go and walk in the fields.

The black horse didn’t understand how he would be happy walking in the fields!

He was curious enough to go and watch the other horse walking.

The broken-legged horse walked so happily as if he was flying!

The black horse thought; how can he even walk when he has only three legs?

The black horse got closer to him to able to observe him clearly.

He found out that he was not trying to get his broken leg to work!

At that moment, the black horse realized why the broken-legged horse was happy walking!

He did not fight his fourth leg because it was not working.

He did not resist it!

He let it be!

And he chose to walk with the other three legs he had..

The black horse realized that in all the time he was resisting his four legs, he did not consider that his four legs enable him to run faster than any human being!

He did not realize that his master uses him when he wants to race time!

The black horse did not even notice that he was unleashed!

Now the black horse is running all over the fields,

Brushing the grass and chasing the clouds..

Can you hear that wild black horse making the most powerful and most vivid melody with his legs?

Can you see him befriending the butterflies and playing with the wind?

Let us hear it for the unleashed horse who is unleashing the sky with his whinny!

Washington, DC

March 9th, 2010

Heba Albeity


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