Ahmed Fouad Negm Wins 2013 Prince Claus Award for ‘Unwavering Integrity’


On Friday, Prince Claus Fund organizers announced the winners of the 2013 awards. The “Principal Prince Claus Award went to Egypt’s “poet of the people,” Ahmed Fouad Negm:

According to the news release, Negm is honored:

…for creating true poetry in vernacular Arabic that communicates deeply with people; for his independence, unwavering integrity, courage and rigorous commitment to the struggle for freedom and justice; for speaking truth to power, refusing to be silenced and inspiring more than three generations in the Arab-speaking world; for the aesthetic and political force of his work highlighting the basic need for culture and humour in harsh and difficult circumstances; and for his significant impact on Arabic poetry bringing recognition to the rich literary potential of the colloquial language.

Negm, who is 84 this year, is a poet of unparalleled stature in Egypt: A 2011 movie, “Al Fagoumy,” explored Negm’s life; a 2012 feature…

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