More Arabic Literature and Translation Events this Month: From London to Brooklyn, Lucera to Los Angeles to Cairo…


This is the last day to catch Tunisian novelist Habib Selmi at the Literaturfestival in Berlin, but there are a number of other interesting Arab-lit-and-translation events in the second half of September:

download (2)Berlin, Germany:

You can still see Habib Selmi “take a look at religion in Tunisian society” at the Literaturfetival today (September 14). He is also launching his German- and French-language translations of The Women of al-Bassatin, which has not yet appeared — or been signed with a publisher, to my knowledge — in English.

Lucera, Italy:

After that, Selmi is set to attend the Festival della Letteratura Mediterranea (September 22) to launch the Italian translation of The Scents of Marie-Claire, which has been translated into English, by Fadwa Qasem, pub. AUC Press.

Other Arab authors at the Lucera festival include the Palestinian novelist Sayed Kashua (September 18), who writes…

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